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WordPress web hosting

Fast, secure and reliable website hosting designed for WordPress websites, with uptime monitored.

Is our WordPress web hosting right for you?

Our web hosting service suits all WordPress websites, regardless of size. With many cheap hosting companies available online, you can always buy cheaper hosting.

If cost is currently your only consideration, we’d like to give you the facts about why it shouldn’t be your main priority and what our hosting services can achieve for your own website.

How will our hosting service meet your goals?

WordPress plugins, security and themes need regular updates, otherwise the website can become unstable. If left long enough without being updated, a WordPress website will eventually stop working or become so out of date that it’s no longer fit for purpose.

If your site is hosted by Hive of Design WordPress hosting, many updates will be done automatically and in addition to that, our developers manually check each site monthly to ensure the updates have been done.

No need to install a plugin to create backups and no need to do them manually either. Back ups are taken daily and retained for 20 days.

This also means that if a mistake is made when updating your website you can relax because we can roll back to a previous version at the touch of a button.

If your business or organisation has to regularly innovate and grow to compete in your sector, your website will probably date quite quickly.

Our hosting provides access to a staging site facility which means if you need your site redeveloped or changed significantly, this can be done in the background without affecting your live site. Then, when you’re happy with the staging site, we can push it live.

If you’re currently using cheap hosting, this could be slowing down the time it takes your website to load, which will mean visitors might not hang around and wait for it to load.

Our hosting uses something called server-level caching to speed up the site loading and our hosting is powered by the well-known Google Cloud Platform.

WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms in the world, which makes it one of the most popular targets for hackers. The effects of a hacked site can be devastating for a business and its reputation. It enables code to be added to your site which could include links to other sites that are attempting to steal data.

All of our sites are protected by Cloudflare’s enterprise-level firewall and include free DDoS protection, which means hacking attempts will be stopped in their tracks. We support two-factor authentication, IP Geolocation blocking, and automatically ban IPs that have more than 6 failed login attempts in a minute.

According to internet live stats, over 100,000 websites are hacked every day. If your WordPress website was to get hacked, what would happen? In the worst cases it can mean a new website, because it would take too long to trawl the website coding to find what the hacker has done.

If you have your hosting managed through Hive of Design, our hosting partners are so confident of the security that if your site gets hacked, they’ll fix it for free.

The status of all sites that we host is checked every 2 minutes. In the unlikely event that your site goes down, even when the Hive of Design team is asleep, the system notifies our hosting partner engineers and they immediately investigate the issue.

Cheaper hosting often means the server your website is hosted on will be located in the USA, China, or even Eastern Europe. If your organisation is located in the UK but your website is hosted elsewhere, the software Google uses to crawl your website will mistrust it and your website will be less likely to be shown in Google search results.

Our hosting partners offer data centres in 29 locations around the world, including London. So, if you decide to set up another company in a different country, no problem, we can host it for you from a more suitable location.

How much
does it cost?

Our hosting packages start from £25 +VAT per month.

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