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Website planning

Website planning is essential, because you wouldn’t build a house without an architect would you?

Is website planning right for you?

This service is ideal for people who want a website but have no idea where to start or what they need to put on it.

How will our website planning meet your goals?

If you want to make sure your website will attract the right people, figuring out what the website needs to include is key to its long term success.

During the website planning process, we’ll find out about your customers and work with you to find the best way for the content to be displayed online.

Without the right guidance, web projects can often stall. The web developer might expect you to have all the answers and know what content to provide, but why would you? You don’t plan websites for a living?!

Actually, it’s not rocket science. Having developed a robust website planning process over the past two years, from a 2-3 hour meeting, Hive of Design can quickly understand your organisation and produce a sitemap, wireframe and content plan, so you know exactly what you need to provide to get the project started again.

How much
does it cost?

Website plans start from £288 +VAT

Want to know more?

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