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Web health check

Using a mix of analytics and experience, we’ll deliver a meaningful report that can be actioned.

Is a web health check right for you?

This product is for organisations who have been experiencing low traffic or a low level of enquiries from their website and want to find out why. It’s always worth checking whether investment in a new website is necessary before splashing out.

The report we provide includes statistics taken from analytics, marketing advice and visual recommendations from an experienced team of designers. It operates a traffic light system that’s easy to understand and you’ll be able to see what’s wrong at a glance.

How will our web health check meet your goals?

Slow loading websites aren’t popular with Google, so it could be adversely affecting your search rankings.

We’ll tell you what your site speed score is, along with some suggestions on how to improve its performance.

Internet users have such a short attention span, so high visual appeal is essential to retain potential customers on your website. In addition to that, your website should display correctly across multiple devices and visitors to your website should find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Our experienced designers will test the usability of your site and make recommendations of improvements that could be made to improve its usability.

If your website is flagging up as unsecure, this will often make visitors to your website leave immediately. An unsecure website will also suffer when it comes to being listed in Google’s search results. And, if a visitor submits your enquiry form, their data could be at risk from being stolen.

We’ll tell you whether it’s at risk and, if so, what you need to do to resolve it. It’s a common misconception that an unsecure website will cost several hundreds of pounds to put right, but it doesn’t. Quite often an additional small purchase from your hosting provider is required and sometimes, as with ours, a secure website is included as standard.

How much
does it cost?

A full web health check and detailed report costs £96 +VAT.

Want to know more?

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