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Top 5 reasons why your old website could be losing you sales

Top 5 reasons why your old website could be losing you sales

Are people bouncing off your website?

Unfortunately, just as your computer becomes outdated and behind the times with technology, your website does too. Changing technology, browsers and website user trends can all contribute to lost sales from an older website.

Here’s the top five problems that could be causing your customers to go to a competitor, particularly if your website is more than three years old. Not only will the following be causing problems when people do find your website, but because Google search hates most of these things too, it will be stopping potential customers from finding you in the first place.

1. No opportunity to buy or contact you online

Consumers are more demanding now than they ever have been. If they can’t choose when to book something or make a commitment to purchase straight away, it could be losing you sales. Could they book a consultation with you at their convenience? Could you add a chat facility? Could their enquiry drop straight into your CRM? These days, the possibilities and opportunities are endless!

2. Out of date content

Businesses change over time and, considering the challenges of recent years, many business owners have been forced to diversify. If your website no longer accurately represents what you do, it certainly won’t generate the right enquiries.

Are there broken links on your website that don’t lead anywhere? This will definitely have visitors losing patience and going elsewhere.

Is your website easy for YOU to update? If not, it’s likely you’ll be putting it at the bottom of your task list. Modern CMS (content management system) websites such as WordPress can easily be edited yourself or by one of your admin team.

3. Visitors can’t find what they want

Have you ever landed on a website and become irritated that you can’t find what you want? Yes! We’ve all been there. If it isn’t immediately obvious to your potential customer how you are the best company to solve their problem or deliver the product they want, you’ll lose their custom the moment you lose their interest.

4. Not secure!

A few years ago Google Chrome and other browsers decided to alert website users if they visit a website without an SSL certificate. It verifies ownership of a website and keeps data secure when someone fills in a form on your site.

If your website doesn’t load with ‘https’ at the beginning, this is an easy fix. Contact your web developer and ask them to add an SSL certificate to your website. This doesn’t take long to do so it isn’t going to cost too much to fix. The increase in google searches will provide a return on investment.

5. Not mobile friendly

If customers are having to pinch and zoom or scroll sideways to view your website, they’ll leave and find a site that they can read easily. Some of the earlier ‘mobile-friendly’ technologies are not actually that friendly, compared with the high quality responsive website layouts available today.


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