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Solo business owner websites

WordPress websites for micro businesses that are more affordable, but expandable as your business grows.

Is a solo business owner website right for you?

If you’re a new start-up or have perhaps been trading for a couple of years, this could be right for you, to take you to the next level.

This product is for small businesses who want to showcase why they are different from their competitors, in order to win more business.

This package has various options, based on your needs and is typically ideal for sole traders and small limited companies that perhaps have one or two employees.

How will this website meet your goals?

Wix is great for start-ups with no money to invest in marketing, but in the long run it will cost you potential sales and it simply isn’t the best option for a business looking for more customers.

At the point when you have a bit more money behind you and are interested in finding out about the value and benefits a WordPress website can bring, the solo business owner website is the next step for you.

If you don’t feel your website is bringing you the customers you need to grow your business, it might be time to change. Your website doesn’t belong to you – you’re tied in. You can’t leave and take it somewhere else if you’re not happy with its performance.

A tailored WordPress website provides a better solution. Clients that have moved over to WordPress have reported receiving better quality new enquiries, from the type of customers they are looking to attract.

Do you find yourself regularly having to discount your prices? Do new customers seem to be the wrong fit? It could be that your website is attracting the wrong type of customers.

Through our tried and tested discovery process, our experienced team will help you find exactly what your ideal customers need to see in order to buy from you.

There are many things Google hates. Slow hosting or an insecure website that’s hard to use on a mobile, to name a few. If these things affect your website, your Google ranking will be low.

Our hosting is super fast and we ONLY build websites that are secure and mobile friendly. And, with all of our sites, we install an SEO plugin that helps you get ranked.

Promoting your website is important, especially when recurring SEO services can be so expensive, in both price and time. So every visit to your website needs to count.

If you’re getting lots of visits, but they’re not turning into enquiries, there’s something seriously wrong with your site. Maybe it doesn’t clearly show what customers are looking for? Perhaps potential customers don’t know what to do next?

We get it, it’s hard for you to know what your customers want. Using our many years of website expertise, we will help you identify any problems then solve them, so those new enquiries don’t keep slipping through the net.

How much
does it cost?

Solo business websites start from £595 +VAT deposit.
Plus 26 affordable monthly payments.

Want to know more?

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