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Social media graphics

Prevent social media users scrolling past your posts and increase engagement with attention grabbing designs.

Is our social media graphics design service right for you?

This service is for businesses and organisations that want their posts to be consistently branded and instantly recognisable in the crowded social media marketplace.

This service has options for small businesses using one or two social platforms, right through to large companies with multiple locations and multiple social platforms.

How will this service meet your goals?

Your valuable, lead generating content just won’t be seen unless your imagery successfully attracts your target audience.

Our experienced designers know how to create visuals that use your brand in an effective way, whilst highlighting that important call to action.

We’ve all seen those same stock images, time after time and will usually dismiss them straight away. When you’ve seen that same ‘smiling image of a person looking up’ again and again, why would you click through?

Let Hive of Design design something your audience hasn’t seen before. Something original and something that makes you different. Let us help you make your posts POP!

The header on your social media profile speaks volumes to social users, especially on LinkedIn. Using outdated or incorrectly scaled logos and graphics will present an unprofessional image to prospects, especially if it’s inconsistent with the rest of your online marketing.

We can create a graphic that will instantly communicate what you do, whilst ensuring your branding is instantly recognisable. Your profile will be transformed into something that presents you and your organisation as experts in your field.

Getting those pixels and layout to work in the way you want can be frustrating can’t it? Because you know so much about your products and services, maybe your time is better spent creating the best content and letting us do the visuals?

Give us the headline of your content, your goal and target market and we can do the rest. If you can give us a few headlines in advance, we can create a beautiful series of graphics that will tell the brand story you want to tell.

How much
does it cost?

Prices for social media graphics start at just £72 +VAT.

If you require regular graphics for posts, we can create a bespoke design subscription package for your needs.

Want to know more?

Book a callback so we can ask the right questions to find out if we can help.


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