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Small business websites

WordPress websites that provide a professional online presence, to increase your leads and enable your small business to grow.

Is a small business website right for you?

If you’re a small business but want to grow, this is ideal for you. It will showcase why you’re better than your competitors and win you more business.

There are various website package options that suit small businesses (typically 1-20 employees) and medium-sized business websites (typically 21-50 employees).

How will this website meet your goals?

Do you find yourself regularly having to discount your prices? Do new customers seem to be the wrong fit? It could be that your website is attracting the wrong customers.

Through our tried and tested discovery process, our experienced team will help you find exactly what your ideal customers need to see in order to buy from you.

Can your potential new customers find you online? Do you measure your website traffic? There are many things that Google hates, that can affect your website traffic and how you rank.

Our team can audit your current site, if you have one, and diagnose the problem. If it’s a WordPress website, we may even be able to tweak it to make it perform better.

Promoting your website is important, especially when recurring SEO services can be so expensive, in both price and time. So every visit to your website needs to count.

If you’re getting lots of visits, but they’re not turning into enquiries, there’s something seriously wrong with your site. Maybe it doesn’t clearly show what customers are looking for? Perhaps potential customers don’t know what to do next?

We get it, it’s hard for you to know what your customers want. Using our many years of website expertise, we will help you identify any problems, then solve them, so those new enquiries don’t keep slipping through the net.

If you’ve been looking to increase your earning potential, through business growth, a new website will go hand in hand with your ongoing growth strategy.

Lack of serious investment in a website is the most common problem holding a business back from continued success.

“What has this got to do with my website?” I hear you ask… well, more than you think, as this is a very popular reason clients come to us to have a website upgrade.

Finding good staff is one of the biggest challenges for small businesses. The first thing a potential new recruit will do is look at your website. If your organisation looks old fashioned or just not a good company to work for, they’ll be lost to a competitor.

If recruitment is one of your top goals, we can guide you on the type of information that will need to be included to grow your team with the right people.

There are many reasons clients ask us to build them a new website.

Sometimes it’s when someone has just taken over a traditionally marketed family business and recognises the potential revenue that could be gained by investing in a new website.

Often it’s because a competitor has just launched a new site which has caused them to lose sales.

Whatever your reason, you can trust Hive of Design to find the best solution.

How much
does it cost?

Small business websites range from £2,022 +VAT to £4,140 +VAT and beyond.

Here are a few questions that determine the price:

  • How many pages?
  • How many products and services?
  • What functionality does it need?
  • Do you need to sell online?


Need something more budget friendly?

View our solo business owner websites.

Want to know more?

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