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Product range logos

Product range logos that target the right buyers and sell more products.

Is a product range logo right for you?

Product range logos are required if you have a product range or sub brand that needs to appeal to a specific audience. It could be targeting an age range, gender or even their status (think Tesco value beans versus Heinz beans).

This product range has options for all sizes of businesses and organisations that have decided to invest in marketing a new, premium product range to attract a specific customer type.

How will a product range logo meet your goals?

If you have high end products or services that have the potential to earn bigger profits, they probably ought to be a brand in their own right. Affluent people, familiar with purchasing luxury brands, are more likely to purchase a car with an Audi badge than a car with a ŠKODA badge. That’s incredible when you consider that these two car brands are owned by the same automotive group and share some of the same parts. That’s the power of branding.

We can help you identify the core reasons why your customer might purchase your premium offering, then turn that into a logo or sub brand that attracts the buyer willing to pay for quality.

When you have spent years developing a product or service, which has experienced teething troubles along the way, sometimes the damage that’s done to that brand name is irreparable. Even if the finished product is the best on the market, people never forget product names and brands that have let them down in the past.

Renaming and rebranding is a way in which to ‘wipe the slate clean’ and start building a better brand reputation with customers. We can help you discover the best way in which to relaunch your winning product or service, so that it will be well received in the market.

How much
does it cost?

Our product range branding packages range from £335 +VAT to £1,783 +VAT and beyond.

The price depends upon how many concepts you require and whether you already have a clear idea of what you want in mind.

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