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Non-profit websites

WordPress websites for charities and non-profit organisations that successfully signpost information and are easy to administrate.

Is a non-profit website right for you?

This product is for organisations who have two core goals. To help their service users and to clearly demonstrate their purpose to potential funders.

How will this website meet your goals?

To enable your organisation to keep operating and helping more people, it’s essential that it is successful in attracting more funding.

During the planning process we will learn all about your services, then advise how to make it easier for investors, individuals, businesses, companies and organisations to provide much needed funding.

The people who need you most will only get in touch if they can find you and understand exactly how you can help them.

Presenting information online in a format that’s easy to understand is one of our top skills. The user experience is key to websites that contain a lot of information. And, making the information as accessible as possible will deliver better results in Google searches as well as make things easier for your service users.

We understand that running a charity or non-profit organisation can be challenging. It’s essential that your funds are spent wisely and that a new website isn’t going to be costing you hundreds of pounds each time the information needs updating.

All of our websites have a Content Management System (CMS) built in and are easy to update. We don’t tie you in to us for all your content changes and updates, we’ll even show you how to login and do it yourself if you’ve never used WordPress before.

With many build-it-yourself templates and themes out there, it’s tempting to try to build a site yourself. The problems with this are two-fold. In your organisation, human resources may be limited already, so spending countless hours trying to learn something that you’ll never use again may not be the best use of your time. And, your skills and time are probably better used where they matter – supporting your service users.

Over the years we’ve spoken to many people who have spent days and weeks trying to build a website themselves, only to pay to have it done professionally one or two years later. Use our advice and experience to get the right website the first time around, so the goals of your organisation don’t end up being put on hold.

How much
does it cost?

Charity websites and non-profit websites typically range from £2,022 +VAT to £4,140 +VAT and beyond.

Here are a few questions that determine the price:

  • How many pages?
  • How many services?
  • What functionality does it need?
  • Do you need to push online donations?

Want to know more?

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