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New logo/rebrand

For logo updates or new logos and brands that suit today’s modern, fast paced, digital world.

Is a new logo or rebrand right for you?

This is essential if your business or organisation needs to stand out in the marketplace with a professionally designed logo and branded materials. It’s ideal if your logo or brand hasn’t been reviewed or revisited for more than 5 years, as it’s highly unlikely to be designed in a way that’s highly visible online or on social media.

This product range has options for all sizes of businesses and organisations that don’t currently have a logo or have one that’s outdated causing you to fall behind your competition.

How will this product meet your goals?

A new logo or rebrand might be required if your competitors have recently undergone an update in their branding that seems to be taking business away from you. Or, even the opposite, maybe most of your competitors present themselves quite badly, providing a great opportunity for you to stand out with a new logo.

To create the right look for you, we will find what makes you different to your competitors then present your new logo or rebrand to reflect that. Your customers will realise that you are doing things differently and want to work with you.

Success breeds success. If your logo and brand presents you as successful and an expert in your field, you’ll attract customers who want to be part of that success. Not only will they assume your products and services are the best, but they’ll view you as their experts and go-to provider.

Customers need to know the reasons to choose you, so by incorporating your unique selling point, or point of difference in your logo, they will understand when being exposed to your marketing material.

If you feel you’re always having to explain why you charge what you do, or you have enquiries that don’t convert to sales, you could be attracting the wrong prospects. A professionally designed logo or brand will present you as the best in what you do, which will attract prospects that only want the best and are willing to pay for quality.

We’ll help you discover the kind of customers you want more of, then provide concepts that we know will attract them. This is a unique skill and only possible due to being led by a design professional with more than 35 years of experience in the industry.

If you hate your logo, you’re not going to want to promote it. Maybe a family friend has created a logo for free or you’ve had the same logo for years and it looks dated. Trends and fashions change frequently and since the rise of digital marketing, many older logos and brands aren’t able to compete against ones that have been designed with mobile viewing and social media in mind.

How do we help you? Firstly, we don’t design what we like, we design what YOU will like, using a series of techniques that provide us with the right information to achieve success. The only problem we do often have is that our clients don’t know which to choose because they like them all! When we’re asked to choose for them, this is the biggest compliment for us, as it shows they like what we do and that they trust us.

If you haven’t revisited your logo for decades, it may no longer be performing well for you. It will probably have been designed for print at a time when design software was quite primitive. Your current logo might be very detailed and complex, which customers don’t understand, or uses colours no longer commonly used in your industry.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to replace it with something that your customers won’t recognise. Using modern day digital design software we can create your logo in a way that your established company will still be recognised by your existing client base. This will also mean that the brand can be introduced into your business over time, rather than needing immediate, expensive replacement of marketing materials, vans, signage and workwear. Even the world’s biggest and most expensive brands phase in new brands over a period of time.

How much
does it cost?

Our branding packages range from £335 +VAT to £1,783 +VAT and beyond.

The price depends upon how many concepts you require and whether you already have a clear idea of what you want in mind.

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