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Logo redraw

Have your poor quality logo artwork recreated quickly and to a high quality.

Is a logo redraw right for you?

This service is for businesses who like their logo and want to keep it, but haven’t got a good quality version of it.

Maybe you or someone you know has created it in a free or cheap software package that isn’t a professional design package and it looks terrible when it’s printed on something.

Don’t worry, we can redraw it, just email us a copy of what you’ve got so we can check it out for you.

How will this service meet your goals?

Often logos are created quite early when an organisation is first set up. Perhaps your graphic designer sent you the files ages ago but a change of email address, computer or moving to the cloud means they’ve been lost.

No problem, we can recreate it for you. Just take a photo of what you’ve got, direct us to your website or post us a printed example. We can do the rest.

If you’re investing in new workwear, or new marketing material, you may have been asked for a ‘vector’ or ‘outlined’ version of your logo. Not all logos can be vectorised, especially if they have a photo in them, but these can be adapted instead to retain a similar feel to them.

Send us what you’ve got and we’ll be able to advise you further. Our designers will be able to recreate it with smooth edges in a format that will be perfect for your marketing campaign.

When a poor quality logo is scaled up to a larger size, if the quality is already poor, it will be even worse at a larger size. Your sign supplier may have advised you that the artwork you’ve given them isn’t high enough quality for them to use.

We can solve your problem, by redrawing it as a vector file, which can be enlarged to any size, without losing quality.

How much
does it cost?

Prices can vary, depending upon complexity of the logo, but logo redraws typically range from £72 +VAT to £96 +VAT.

Want to know more?

Book a callback so we can ask the right questions to find out if we can help.


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