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Interactive PDF brochures

Emailable PDF brochures that enable your audience to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Is an interactive PDF brochure right for you?

This product is for businesses and organisations that want to distribute their brochures and sales information digitally, usually by email or adding them to their website, instead of sending them through the post.

This product suits solo business owners, small businesses and organisations, right through to large companies with thousands of employees.

How will it meet your goals?

PDF brochures save you from spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on brochures that are quite often thrown away before being used, because of changes to products or services.

Once the design and artwork is done for you, any future updates can be done quickly and with minimal cost, ready to send out again to prospects by email or add as a downloadable resource on your website.

As websites have now become our main hub for information in most organisations, there are often resources you would like to reference during your sales process, to help prospects understand how your services or products help them.

With printed brochures, this can be done to a certain extent with QR codes, but this relies on them having their digital device in their hands at the same time as your brochure, which isn’t a very smooth transition of information.

Within a digital brochure, we can link your logo to your website home page, or feature a graphic that takes your prospect to your YouTube video. We’ll make your brochure as intuitive to use as possible.

On large, complex brochures that feature technical data sheets, we can build in links to internal pages, to make it really easy for your prospect to skip backwards and forwards through the document, saving them time.

Now that people switch more frequently between home working and the office, it’s unlikely your prospect will be carrying your brochure around with them. We all carry our mobile device with us everywhere we go, so your prospect can quite easily keep a copy of your brochure on their mobile.

If your prospect is more likely to view their emails and websites on their mobile, we can design your brochure to reflect this by having less content on each page and using more pages that are designed in a way that makes it easier to read on a mobile device. We’ll discover this as part of our journey in getting to know you.

Creating a successful selling tool can often depend on doing something better than your competitors. PDF brochures are no different. Success often depends on discovering and highlighting the pain points that you solve for users of your services and products. How will it make their life better?

At Hive of Design we can help you discover those differences and communicate them in the best way, through clever design and utilising the same skills that we use when planning websites. We are masters at identifying what your audience wants to see, then making the visuals and customer journey match.

For example, on a PDF price list we created for a wine merchant, we created a very different type of content page, after he mentioned his customers might want to search by region or wine type. So, a map of the world and simple wine type buttons allowed the wine buyer to view the appropriate wine list straight away, in a very visual way, saving them time and offering something different to what our clients’ competitors were doing.

If you are in the public sector or in education, it’s highly likely you’ll want your PDF brochures or information sheets to be designed to follow accessibility regulations and standards. Balancing design, branding and accessibility can be tricky if it’s not something you do regularly as part of your role.

We are well versed in PDF accessibility standards and can ensure your PDF brochure meets the accessibility regulations 2018 and are passed by the Adobe Acrobat full accessibility check tool.

Technical data sheets are a necessity for businesses involved in engineering, technology, science or innovative product ranges. Does the most useful information for your customer stand out to save them time? Are they interesting to read and easy to reference?

Our design team can make sure your technical data sheets are engaging, well designed and earn a reputation for being the most useful reference tools in your industry. This will highlight you as experts in your field, encourage more consumers to be involved with your organisation and ultimately win more customers.

How much
does it cost?

Interactive PDF brochure prices start from £360 +VAT upwards.

For a bespoke quote, please call us to discuss the following:

  • Number of pages required
  • Size of pages
  • Type of information to be included
  • Whether you’ll be providing text and images
  • Number of website links required

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