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Graphic Design

We will create the marketing material your customers will want to read.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is all around us. From the high profile brand logos we engage with every day, such as Google and Amazon, to the hundreds of different lettering styles we see online and on signs.

Why do you need graphic design?

Having a good quality logo, to represent your services or products in the best way, then being consistent when designing additional marketing material is essential to attracting the right customers.

Maybe you have a logo you’ve created yourself, which you like but it’s looking rough around the edges when you had it produced on branded items or your signage. Or, perhaps your logo is looking a little tired or old fashioned and it’s time to update it or modernise it.

By starting with a good logo, everything else will flow into place. If you start with shaky foundations, your prospective customer might assume your business practices will be the same or perhaps they’ll expect to pay less than you deserve.

We’ll create guidelines on how to use your new logo, create supporting icons and graphics, then apply it for you across a whole host of material, from digital applications to printed material.

Once your brand and marketing design has been updated you won’t recognise yourselves – in a good way. Most importantly, your prospects and customers will recognise you as a leading provider in your field.

That’s the power of good graphic design.

How can Hive of Design help you?

One of our core values is to be ‘inspirational’. We love using our knowledge and passion for visual communication to inspire you to feel the same. How do we inspire you? We create designs that tell YOUR story, not ours. Those designs will then, in turn, speak the right language to your customers.

When we become your design partner we find out about you, your services, your team, your processes and most importantly, the ideal customer you want us to help you attract. Design without purpose will never deliver a return on your investment, which surely is the main reason you would invest in good quality graphic design.

Let Hive of Design help you, on finding greater success and achieving better results for your organisation. We will never be a fluffy, arty-farty design agency and we’re ok with that, because we know our customers value our honest and straightforward approach.


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