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Employee awards websites

WordPress websites can be an excellent choice for bespoke employee benefits, recognition or awards programmes.

Is an employee awards website right for you?

This product is for companies who are looking for a bespoke, online platform to provide benefits, recognition and awards programmes to increase staff retention.

This product is normally purchased by larger companies and blue chip companies with a HR team, employing more than 100 employees, who have teams based at multiple sites up and down the UK. These solutions can be planned, designed and developed to your needs.

How will this website meet your goals?

By having your own, bespoke website, the possibilities of what it can offer are endless. The mass market platforms that are available won’t always suit what your organisation wants to offer.

If information is submitted regularly to the site by your teams, it can go into a holding area so it can be checked before it goes live.

There are many ways in which you can use these websites to promote team working. Your employees can recognise and appreciate each other. In a world where many teams now work remotely, this is a great way in which to inspire employees.

Why not include an area for customer feedback? Everyone likes to be congratulated when they’ve done a great job and gone the extra mile in their role.

It’s so important to promote giving back. Record the money your teams raise or the benefits they’ve delivered to their nominated charities.

By recognising and rewarding those who are the biggest assets in your company, you’ll inspire others to achieve more. Success and achievements can inspire even more success.

How much
does it cost?

Employee benefit websites range from £3,408 +VAT to £6,850 +VAT and beyond.

Here are a few questions that determine the price:

  • How many sites do you have?
  • How will your employees be rewarded or recognised?
  • What functionality does your website need?
  • Do you need to build an employee community?

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