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Email marketing design

Branded email designs that will engage your target market and lead to increased sales conversions.

Is email marketing design right for you?

This service is for sales teams, marketers and business owners who want to send regular, professionally branded communications by email to customers and prospects.

This service has options for both small businesses and organisations, right up to large companies with thousands of employees.

How will this service meet your goals?

There are many reasons why emails aren’t successful.

You’ll need to ensure the design is branded correctly and features engaging imagery. Maybe the email subject line is too salesy or being marked as spam? Has your email campaign got a strong call to action?

The Hive team can guide you in the right direction to help your email marketing achieve greater success.

Sending bulk emails from your normal business or organisation email is not only time consuming but it will risk your email domain name being blacklisted. This can happen when too many people report you for spamming, which will then affect your website too. And, many business and corporate email systems are set up to block emails with attachments from unknown senders or send them straight to junk or spam folders.

We are happy to advise you of the best software options for bulk sending emails and we can design you an amazing branded email for you to use. Once created and linked to your data, everything is managed for you and your success rate can be tracked.

Marketing emails and e-newsletters are most successful when they include imagery and graphics that grab attention, all nicely designed with the correct balance of text and images that are more likely to bypass the junk or spam folder.

You’re right to be concerned about GDPR, but all you need to ensure is that you follow the correct process and avoid sending information to someone who doesn’t want to receive it. Let’s face it, if you force your information onto someone who doesn’t find it useful, it won’t do you any favours in terms of building a relationship with them anyway.

We’ll gladly advise you of the right process and signpost you to the correct information to make informed decisions. We can provide consultation services to advise you on how to build your marketing list safely, following best practices.

We have been creating bespoke HTML emails for decades and our web developers are experts in HTML coding. If your email sending system can only accept HTML emails, we can code them for you.

From a simple single sales campaign to an e-newsletter with multiple sections, we can design something that maintains brand consistency for you and provides the wow factor for your customers.

Everyone’s inbox is busier now than it’s ever been, which means marketing emails simply have to stand out. Emails that are visually appealing, maintain brand consistency, along with clever messaging and a strong call to action will always perform well. If your emails aren’t sparkling, we can help.

If required, we can create a full mock up for you to approve, before we create your email. We believe simplicity is key to success and design with the ‘skim reader’ in mind. In summary, we can make your email fight harder for attention, without appearing desperate.

How much
does it cost?

Email design prices start from £144 +VAT.

For a bespoke quote, we’ll need to know the following:

  • Number of sections required
  • Complexity of the design
  • Any bespoke icon or image editing needs
  • Whether text and images will be provided
  • If you’d like to see a mock-up

Want to know more?

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