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Digital Design

We will create the graphics your customers will notice.

What is digital design?

Digital design is the face of your digital marketing campaigns. It represents how your business looks on a digital screen, either online or via email.

Why do you need digital design?

Digital design is often an alternative to print design. Does your company have a professional PDF brochure that can be emailed out with your company introduction? Creating brochures and flyers yourself internally, using Word or PowerPoint just won’t grab attention or produce good results. And, that’s no reflection on you, it’s because only professional design software used by an experienced design professional will produce the best results.

Instead of those printed letterheads or invoicing paper sitting in a drawer for years, only to be thrown out when you move premises, you can have a digital version designed that you can edit, save and email to your customers.

How are your open rates for your email marketing? When sending out an email marketing campaign to prospects, is it professionally designed so it grabs their attention in the busy world of email, or do the recipients just hit the delete key?

If your organisation invests in paid social media advertising or promotional banners on websites, how professional and on-brand are the visuals being used? In a very busy marketplace, you need to look better than your competitors. Anything less is a complete waste of your marketing budget.

How can Hive of Design help you?

Our team are seasoned design professionals, which means we understand the best software to use for each digital design application. Being guided by our core value of ‘creativity’ keeps us accountable to creating a well designed solution for our clients every time.


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