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Digital business stationery

PDF based templates, designed to suit your brand, that are easy to edit without changing the design.

Is digital business stationery right for you?

This is for businesses and organisations who want a professionally designed PDF template for their letterhead, delivery note, compliment slip, quotation, or sales proposal that they can edit themselves.

If your eco-friendly reputation is important, this is definitely right for you, because you will only print them when you need them. No more throwing away stacks of pre-printed stock that’s now out of date and never got used.

How will this website meet your goals?

Although Microsoft software is already in your organisation, it doesn’t necessarily make it the best choice for creating your branded digital stationery. None of the Microsoft products were created for designing and as for how they handle colour… let’s just say that your logo and branding isn’t ever going to look its best.

Instead of wasting countless hours of your precious time trying to get that line in the exact place that you want, or the colours to match, ask us to use our professional Adobe software to create an editable PDF template for you. We’ll design it suited to being printed on your inkjet or colour laser printer. We’ll make sure all the colours are consistent and present a template that’s a joy to edit.

Don’t worry about Word making up a new page because it thinks it should. PDFs are far easier document types to manage and print out. They will ensure that what you might print locally will be the same as what your customers print.

Designed PDF documents can be optimised to keep a small file size that won’t go over the email attachment limit of the recipient.

With our templates, we’ll optimise the size without losing quality. No more messing about reducing images and editing information in the desperate hope of getting that Publisher or Word document down to a reasonable file size.

When creating different documents, using different pieces of software, it’s impossible to get them all looking consistent, because they give you no professional tools to create and maintain design consistency.

Through using professional design software, our designers can make sure that logo is scaled correctly, that the colours are correct and that all the right fonts are being used.

Even better, because all the branding elements won’t be editable, you can rest assured that even when the least computer savvy person in your organisation gets their hands on it, the document will still retain its corporate style.

And, when your customer or supplier receives the document you can be sure that they will see it exactly how you intend them to see it. With Word and other Microsoft packages, documents don’t always behave the same way, especially if the software they’re using is out of date. Acrobat PDF files are far more stable and reliable.

By only printing and using paper when you need to, you’ll no longer have to discard piles of pre-printed paper because you’ve changed address, updated your branding or changed your services list.

And, of course, you’ll only be responsible for printing on the sheet of paper once, which will definitely reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, you might find that the document is just saved in the cloud when it reaches its destination. Win, win!

Is your sales proposal a little lacklustre? Do you clearly define the main reasons to buy? If not, this could be reducing your conversion rate.

We’ve helped many businesses and organisations by designing a proposal that enables the customer to see exactly what you offer and why they need you. Wouldn’t you rather have a sales conversation with someone who already wants to buy? Of course you would, who wouldn’t?

How much
does it cost?

Prices start from just £90 +VAT per document.

For a quote tailored to your needs, please tell us the following:

  • The documents to be designed (letterhead etc)
  • How many pages each document needs
  • Sizes of documents
  • Make and model of the printer you use

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