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Brand guidelines

Ensuring your new logo and brand is rolled out and used consistently, both internally and externally.

Are brand guidelines right for you?

These are best to be created at the same time as your new logo or brand is designed. It is a set of instructions that enables your logo, colours and fonts to be applied consistently both digitally and in print.

Some of our brand packages include brand guidelines. To maintain consistency, these are created by the same designer who creates your logo. The basic guidelines will outline how best to use the logo, the primary font that should be used and the colour references across digital and print applications. The enhanced guidelines show examples of font use, image styles and examples of the brand being used.

These are suitable for businesses and organisations of all sizes and sectors that want to ensure their investment in a new logo or rebrand isn’t wasted through misuse, both internally and externally.

How will brand guidelines meet your goals?

We’ve seen many instances where fantastic logos have been stretched out of proportion to fill a space or the wrong colours have been used. When this happens, your investment in a nice new logo is wasted.

Our designer can create some brand guidelines (or set of rules) in PDF format, on how your logo and brand should be used. Send this to your suppliers to guide them, to enable your suppliers to produce the best result for you. Afterall, if they didn’t design your logo, how can they be expected to know how best to display it?

You have a new logo and it’s now going to be shared internally with your team. “Oh no!” I hear you say. “I hope they know how to use it?” Well, in our experience, most people aren’t designers, that’s not their job. If they’re not guided, they might place it on a background colour that clashes, stretch it, or even place it on a jaunty angle. Trust us, we’ve seen it all!

Our guidelines will ensure your team uses your new logo, fonts and colours in a way that best represents your organisation. It ensures that every person involved becomes immersed in the story, the vision and the ethos of what you do and why you do it.

How much
does it cost?

Our brand guidelines start from £126 +VAT to £360 +VAT and beyond.

The prices shown are when purchased as part of our branding packs.

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