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About Us

Bees landing in the hive

We’re Hive of Design

The purpose of this website isn’t to show you how successful we are, it’s to help you achieve success for your business or organisation through marketing material that has value.

Having said that, we’re sure you’d like to know a little about us before you decide to work with us. Let us introduce the team in the Hive.

Our Team

We each have particular job roles, but they don’t define what we do completely. The key to delivering a great service for our customers is for each of us to be as skilled and flexible as possible. This enables us to cover each other when things get busy and provide a reliable service.

None of our team hides away from customer communication and we love building relationships. In addition to helping projects run more smoothly, we believe that talking to you directly enables us to truly understand your needs and deliver solutions that fit with your personal and business goals.

Let’s find out more about the Hive team…

Sharon Lewin - Managing Director


Managing Director

Since studying graphic design in the late 1980s, design and visual communications for businesses has always been Sharon’s passion. Her primary role is business development, which covers sales, marketing, team development and customer service.

To relax, Sharon roller skates and can often be found whizzing around Everards Meadows on a sunny day, often followed by coffee and cake at Jenno’s.

Fun fact: Sharon is known in the roller derby community as ‘Zippy’ due to several years spent playing as a jammer called Zippy Kye Ay.

Helen - Digital Design Executive


Digital Design and Marketing Executive

After attaining her degree in Graphic Design, Helen gained experience in artwork and design, developing a meticulous eye for detail and a love of typography. These skills enable her to help brands stand out in the digital online world.

Helen is a proud Yorkshire lass who loves drinking ‘proper’ tea, baking cakes, reading and photography. She loves snuggling up with her cat Suzie.

Fun fact: At uni her shared house became famous locally as the ‘party house’ due to the crazy parties often held there.

Mayank Patel - WordPress Website Designer and Developer

Mayank (“Maa-yank”)

WordPress Website Designer and Developer

After more than ten years of design and website experience in the corporate world, Mayank joined the Hive. His role is to design and build WordPress websites that are accessible, searchable, look great, and communicate effectively to their audience.

Mayank enjoys travelling and eating out, making the most of Leicester’s famous curries. To relax and recharge, he meditates and practices yoga.

Fun fact: In his younger days, he once spent a night drinking pints of tequila in Mexico, although his memory is a little hazy about that.

Rob Doyle - WordPress Web Administrator & Developer


WordPress Web Administrator and Developer

After 25 years in the print industry, Rob went back to Uni to re-train in web and IT technologies. After freelancing for us for a short time, we decided to invite him to join us! In his role he tailors WordPress websites to the individual needs of small businesses.

Rob enjoys family time, walking his dogs and has a passion for space exploration. Other than computing and virtual reality, his hobbies include photography and 3D printing.

Fun fact: Rob is a Star Wars nerd. The first movie he saw at the cinema was the original Star Wars in 1977 so he’s been a fan ever since.

Our Vision

Inspire businesses to embrace the value of professional presentation to attract the best customers, by developing the most appropriate visual communication, both digitally and in print.

Our Mission

We will build a company where commitment and effort is valued and recognised. Personal responsibility will be taken to continually improve ourselves, realise our true potential and achieve outstanding results for our clients along the way.

In order to achieve loyalty we will be truthful with our customers, explain our proposals in plain language and strive to only deliver work that we are proud of.

Structured and thoughtful design will always be at the heart of everything we do.

Our passion for delivering client satisfaction will always depend on noticing the finer details and taking responsibility for accurate content as well as professional visualisation.

All people within our company, across all levels will be valued colleagues, treated with equal respect. We shall support each other and encourage success. These are the values we will seek when building new business relationships and partnerships.

Whilst we will embrace technology to improve our services, we shall not forget the importance of being human, in order to build strong and lasting relationships.

Only by being competitive in our marketplace can we help other businesses to do the same.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that we will improve the visual impact of your business.

Our Values

You’ll want to experience a great relationship and journey with your design partner.

We believe that too and thought it might be useful to share the values that are lived and breathed within Hive of Design.


We detest mistakes. We are passionate about getting everything right for you, from the content to the finished project.


Our team thrives on creativity and the need to deliver ideas and designs that will stand out from the competition.


Because we are seasoned professionals you won’t have to pay for more time than is needed. Our expertise enables us to identify the best solution quickly.

Good humour

Personal relationships are important to us. We always make time to share good humour and to build lasting friendships with our customers, business partners and within our team.


Through our knowledge and passion for visual communication, we will inspire you to feel the same and to get excited about promoting your products and services.


This philosophy is reflected in our company name. By working together and applying the individual skills of our team collectively, we will achieve success.

Working Together

You might like to know how we are to work with and the commitments we’ll make to you.

View our commitments (PDF)
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